Konica Minolta C458 Trouble code Image Transfer Belt unit reset

This article contains meaning and solution for the trouble code Image Transfer Belt Unit in Konica Minolta bizhub C458, C558, C658, C224, C284e, C364, C454. The image transfer belt unit always needs to be reset manually. We are sharing the methods to solve the error, so check it out until it gets solved.

Meaning of the error code Image Transfer Belt Unit

The error code means that the image transfer belt unit has reached the end of life. When replacing this part, it is necessary to reset the transfer counter. To reset the transfer roller life usage from the copier service mode.

 Warning: Do not reset or clear any other data within the service mode or it may adversely affect the performance of your machine.

Reset the Image Transfer Belt Unit

You will need to go into service mode to reset these parts.

  1. Touch the “Menu” button on the control panel.
  2. Then select “Counter” from the display.
  3. Next, touch the “Display Keypad“.
  4. Then you need to press the following buttons in this order “STOP, 0, 0, STOP, 0, 1“.
  5. Then it will ask for Input password so type the following “9272927292729272” then touch “END” from the display.
  6. Now you in the service mode. From there you should select “Counter“.
  7. then select the “Life” and touch the “New Release” button on the upper side of the display.
  8. Then you can see the part list which you want to be reset and select which you need “Transfer Belt Unit“.
  9. Then open the front cover. Now the “Start” button is in blue color and press it to clear the counter, then close the front cover.
  10. Then exit from the service mode.

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