Printer error can be caused by multiple factors. And similar is the error code of SC542 in the Ricoh Printer. This problem is associated with the fusing temperatures of the hardware which means it may have become faulty or out of position. Also, this error can arise if the connection with the fusing unit is either not right or the thermal fuse or fusing lamp is left open. Other than this, there may be a problem with the power connection supply board to which the printer is connected.

Now if you are looking for a solution to How to Correct the Ricoh Printer error sc542, you are at the correct place. Mentioned below are some measures/ steps that you can follow to enjoy printing your documents the same as before from the Ricoh Printer again:

Method 1: Fixing the error by a simple procedure

  • In the beginning, you have to press the key that is yellow in color and denotes clear modes.
  • After that, you must press these numbers — 107 from your keyboard.
  • Now you must press down as well as hold the button that mentions clear stop.
  • After pressing the keys, Push the copy-SP key and wait for a few minutes, then open the printer’s front door to check so that you can operate it for printing.
  • Now restart – press the switches of = on and then off button on the left side. Now you can shut the door of the printer after a few minutes.
  • You may re-start your Ricoh printer as this technique is simple yet works like a charm and should have resolved the error code of SC542.

Method 2: Correcting the error by working Arrow Keys

  • Start the method by pressing the escape key and holding it for a while press the online key at the same time.
  • Now you can switch on the printer and start using up/down arrow keys, you will find the SP2 option and press the enter key to select the option.
  • Now again repeat the second step but this time to locate the SP5 option in the printers and press the enter key to select the option.
  • After this, you must find 810 by using the up/down arrow keys and click on enter.
  • On completing these number selections, re-affirm them and then, turn off the printer.
  • Finally, switch restarts the printer to check if the Ricoh error still persists which would have to be eliminated for sure.

Using these two simple methods you will have for sure helped yourself in fixing Ricoh Printer error sc542. However, if still the error code displays then you must consult Ricoh Team. They will guide you through every help in solving the errors in your printers for expert assistance.


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