JB-5 Desktop A3 Book Gluing Machine Binding

JB-5 Desktop A3 Book Gluing Machine Binding



JB-5 Desktop A3 Book Gluing Machine Binding

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Product Information

This machine adopts the unique gluing method, which is economical and practical, convenient and quick, quick gluing and convenient.

Unique paperback and hardcover mold, easy to make different types of cover and documents, paperback, hardcover and other forms.

The machine can be used after starting up. It is suitable for files of different thickness without debugging.Unique patent design, suitable for all kinds of publications under 4cm thickness.And the unique fan-shaped filling system makes the documents binding, making the book stronger and stronger.

Technical parameters:


Thickness: 40 mm

Format: 310*430 mm (A4 long edge and A3 short edge)

Preheat time: about 10 minutes

Indentation width :310 mm

Temperature control mode: electronic temperature control

The way of punching: the machete

Power: 220 v

weight:28 kg

Machine features:

1. Electronic temperature control, with constant temperature function;

2. Add a new grinding machine, which can make the manufacturing more solid;

3. Applicable to printing and copying shops, enterprises, government agencies and small printing factories;

4. Adjust the pressure according to the cover of different thickness.