Solution for Canon ir2520 insert drum error

Do you experience the insert the drum error in your Canon ir2520, ir2525, ir2530, ir2535, and ir2545 copiers?  We will show you how to fix this problem. In this article, we are describing the methods to solve it. I hope this will be able to solve your problem.

Meaning of canon ir 2525 insert the drum error

The “insert the Drum” error comes when your printer is unable to recognize the Drum. If the drum bias is not properly connected to the drum contact point. If you are replaced with the Drum and the machine still shows this error, it may due to various reasons. First of all, make sure the Drum is correctly inserted on your drum unit or the copier. If the error still persists, then start to solve the issue through the following methods.

How to fix insert the drum cartridge error?

Take out the Drum unit from the copier and check the contact (interior frame contact) in the back part of the Drum unit and clean it. This error also shows when the contacts are dirty. If the error still continues then check the following parts.

Method 1

Replace the drum unit

  1. Open the front cover
  2. Move the development assembly locking lever down to unlock the developing assembly.
  3. Open the left cover.
  4. Hold the handle and pull out the drum unit. When removing the drum unit, hold both handles tightly so that it does not sink or fall to the ground.

Method 2

  • Check the High voltage contacts (HVT). Clean it and replace it if necessary.
  • Check the DC controller PCB.

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